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At DayStar Natural, we discover exactly what your body needs to get healthy and stay healthy.

The techniques we use employ an all-natural approach to evaluating the body and promoting improved health and continued wellness. In fact, thousands of people around the world benefit from these very same techniques every day.

We all want to feed our bodies with good nutrition and take effective nutritional supplements. Maybe you are already eating a special diet or taking nutritional supplements, but you just do not feel any healthier and question whether you are receiving any benefits. Our cutting-edge techniques enable us to determine exactly what your body needs and then design a customized nutritional program specifically for you using the principles of whole food nutrition.

Many common conditions can be helped or even cured by the proper nutritional elements -- fatigue, allergies, headaches, menopausal symptoms, joint pains, obesity, hair loss, and skin conditions, just to name a few. Imagine not needing to take risky and expensive pharmaceuticals anymore. If you have a problem that can be helped nutritionally, then there is clearly no better solution. So why not find out now?

Contact us today so we can start you on the path to Whole Body Health and Wellness. You have everything to gain!
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DayStar Natural carries a full line of nutritional supplements, essential oils, and other wellness products. Please feel free to browse the retailers' websites listed here to find what you need. When placing your order, please remember to mention that you are a client of DayStar Natural.

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  • I came to DayStar Natural because I had vertigo. Not only was that condition handled, but through Nutrition Response Testing and Designed Clinical Nutrition, the heat flashes have diminished, I get no more night sweats, and I definitely have more energy.

    Gail Shutt
  • My whole life I always felt run down, sickly and fatigued. In grade school, I struggled to keep my eyes open. In fact, I was convinced that I would die from fatigue! My sinuses were always draining and I constantly cleared my throat, which drove other people crazy! When I would blow my nose, the other kids would mock me and ask, "Did you blow all the water out of your brain yet?" It was embarrassing, frustrating, and I felt belittled from this sinus condition. Even years later when I worked at a daycare center, I was always sick and tired. At least once a month, I had some kind of illness.

    Now, since coming to DayStar Natural and getting lots of help from this wonderful woman, Kathy Stricker, I have been feeling so much better. Even though I have Thalaessemia, a mitral-valve prolapse, and I'm pregnant, I now have more energy than I have ever had in my whole life. I can't remember the last time I was actually sick, but I remember that when I was sick the last time, I really didn't feel that bad and it went away very quickly. The last time I saw my former boss, she commented on how healthy I looked and in amazement said that I didn't look sickly, tired, and pale anymore. The funny thing is that I actually had a headache at the time!

    I used to be in such a fog, now I am so much more clear-headed. I am so thankful for Nutrition Response Testing and Kathy Stricker and how I am a healthier, happier person!

    Natoli Krouse

    Administrative Assistant

  • Since coming to DayStar Natural, I've seen some great changes. My body is definitely healing, my memory has improved and my digestive system is moving well.

    Madeline Duran
  • Before coming to DayStar Natural, my blood pressure was high. I had ringing in my ears, dizziness, motion sickness, face flushings, profuse sweating, fluid in my mouth, labored breathing and I could see my heart beating fast when looking at my wrists. Even the arches of my feet hurt. I couldn't sleep. I did not have much sense of smell or taste. Food sometimes made me sick (the smell or taste, or I would get heartburn or see things). I had nausea, weakness, no appetite, lost 20 pounds and generally not feeling good. I did not feel like I could make it through Wal-Mart or walk across my yard or to the bathroom. I would get the shakes, clammy hands, and sometimes get emotional. I felt like passing out, no stamina, and under lots of stress. I just felt like laying down and not talking or anything. I felt funny bending over to put clothes on. I had tired episodes and would stare into space a lot without blinking. It even hurt to breathe in cold air.

    At first I was apprehensive about changing my diet and taking supplements. But Kathy Stricker continued to reassure me and work with me. I am so glad I trusted in the process. I feel like a normal person now. I have more stamina, my hair is not falling out, I'm even getting color back in my toenails. I recommend Nutrition Response. Since being on a Designed Clinical Nutrition program, everyone comments how my health has changed. I'm very happy.

    Lelia Wintjet
  • Thanks for the wonderful experience I am getting currently from your program!!!

    C. L.
  • I am a grandmother to 10 children and a mother of 6 who have seen a most wonderful improvement to my life. I now have the ability and strength to care for two toddlers. My children and grandchildren have noticed this in my daily life. Thank you Kathy Stricker and DayStar Natural for my journey to good health.

    Maryanne F.
  • As I began 5 weeks ago, I was in extreme pain in my back on the right side. I had previously been seen by a doctor that told me I had a torn muscle and that is why I had been in discomfort for over 2 months. As I began my journey with Kathy at DayStar Natural, within a few weeks, the pain was subsiding. And on the fourth week, all the discomfort and pain had gone away. I feel much more clear in my mind. No stomach bloating, and my cravings for sugar and carbs have subsided.

    Hope Wunder
  • Since October and receiving treatments from Kathy, I have lost 15 pounds. My skin is fresh and clean looking. I have so much energy again, and I feel very clear in mind and body. I have been able to return to attending yoga classes again after so many years of not being able to ever finish a full class once joining due to the muscles aching so much from my fibromyalgia. Speaking of that, my fibromyalgia muscle pain has virtually gone with me being able to return to building my core and become stranger again. I am looking forward to returning to riding my horses again on a regular basis. I have returned to sleeping soundly and feel as though I was taken up a whole new level of achieving good health and wellness again. My whole outlook is so positive and full of hope and energy. I will be 50 years old in March, and I don't act sleeping others. (And Natoli for helping us get well again.)

    Hope - 2/6/09
  • I am currently a client at DayStar Natural. The treatment is entirely different from conventional treatment, but zeros right in on your weaknesses and health issues. I am very confident and excited that I can be helped.

    N. B.
  • Since seeing Kathy Stricker, my fatigue levels have decreased and I am more active daily. I am not yawning nor tired mid-day. I am able to accomplish my tasks easily and am more active on weekends. I also feel my memory has been restored. I can remember activities and conversations from the day before and with little effort.

    C. H.
  • Due to arthritic knee and ankle pain, I started the "Weight Loss Cure" by Kevin Trudeau on April 16. He advocates natural healthcare. On May 22, I first met Kathleen Stricker who has helped me learn how the body tells me what it needs to be healthy, which, in combination with 65 lbs of weight loss, has virtually eliminated all my pain.

    Roman Mitz
  • I haven't felt this good in years! Even with cartilage missing in my knees, I don't have any pain. This program and losing weight, getting rid of chemicals from my body, using organics - I feel great!

    Roman - 2/4/09
  • Past experiences were beneficial to me, and Kathy really tries to help you have the program you need. I now have expectations of getting my health problems solved and getting back to a healthy life.

    Sharon K.
  • Kathy Stricker has helped me to address nutritional issues at this stage of my life as well as certain health issues of concern such as stress and cholesterol, as well as generalized health improvement.

    M. G.
  • I have noticed many changes in my body, and my hernia is healing.

    Ted S.
  • Thank you for being such a caring person. We want you to know how much we truly appreciate all that you do. It is real refreshing to know there are people like you. Thank you again for helping our family get back on the road to health.

    Jennifer S. and Family
  • It used to take me an hour to get up and get going. I would go to the kitchen and start my day slowly winding up until I had the strength for the rest of the day. Now I jump up and start right out! I was exhausted before. Now I'm happy! I have so much energy. I can't get over it! It's wonderful!

    Lois Reed
  • I went to the tree farm with my daughter and grandchildren for our annual Christmas tree. I was able to walk by myself and enjoy the day. I didn't need help getting around the rough terrain. Even when I fell in a hole, I refused help because I was able to catch my balance and did not fall! My 23 year old had trouble keeping up with me! I feel better all over. This is working!

    Maryanne F.
  • I dreaded my menstruation. For the first time in years, it has been very light this month. I feel great!

    Nancy V.
  • Thank God I met Kathy! I feel a lot stronger since coming to DayStar Natural. I even went to my daughter's, and she lives on the 2nd floor. I went up and down steps, was not short of breath, and even got up and down much faster. I swept the snow off her pavement and did the neighbor's sidewalk as well. I am willing to take on a lot more physical tasks!

    Sara Patton
  • Thanks for your good work! A personally targeted nutritional approach is a super way (probably the best) to restore and maintain a person's health. I'm talking to some of my family into paying you a visit. Thanks again.

    Mel J.
  • I was taking Metamucil two or three times a day to have a bowel movement, which is supposed to be a naturally occurring function. If that didn't work, I took a laxative to help. I was gassy, burping and tooting all the time! I felt like Larry the cable man's grandmother! I thought to myself, "This is not normal. I should not have to live on meds!" I even refused to go on vacation last summer with my children.

    My daughter, who is in college said, "Mom, read this chapter!" She pointed out something very interesting in one of her textbooks. It stated that doctors are recommending that patients get a second opinion as well as to go to see a holistic doctor before surgery. It stated that patients are getting better results, and in some cases, surgery was avoided.

    I am eliminating wonderfully now. Even my four year old granddaughter noticed that I am not gassy anymore. I feel wonderful since coming to see Kathy at DayStar Natural!

    M. F.
  • I have been plagued with headaches and backaches consistently for at least four years. I was fatigued, stressed out and always running to the chiropractor to get relief.

    Since coming to DayStar and getting on a nutritional program, there are many positive changes in my health. I am not totally exhausted when faced with a setback. I discovered I needed less sleep and do not get sick as before. Now I have more energy even in stressful periods of time. Not at all what I anticipated! This is really working for me, and I can't wait to see even more improvements in my health!

    K. N.